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About Us APEX International Group Ltd. was founded in 2008 , It 's a collection of trade and manufacturing for the groundbreaking group companies . The headquarter is located in beautiful easterly port city__Ningbo . Superiority location , well-developed manufacturing and the export trading environment is consummate . Our advantage emerged.Since the semipermanent market exploration , we have developed thousands of grocery products to adapt to the needs of domesticated and alien customers . We independent push of the six series of products : energy saving and environmentally well-disposed products , holiday gifts , personal electronics , out-of-door sports products , the life of household items and derived from Taiwanese culture , crafts and stationery . The product categories cover a extensive range , sold at home and overseas , forward-looking products and advanced technology , superscript quality for us to win a lot of market reputation . We have reached more than 10 countries with the European Union and Australia merchants , Most exported to the United Kingdom , Russia , Italy , Spain and early highly-developed countries , It was too best selling in North American supermarket chains , The export sales is increasing every year ! We have planned to open up more of the larger possible market ; we look frontwards to clients around the world to discuss cooperation with us ! We have an first-class staff team , the immature enthusiasm . Wealth of expertise and create value for customers , the concept of an inspiration to us , we would like to unfeignedly for your service ! From business negotiation to shipping transport with a exclusive QC so we track to ensure the completion of each order good and effective quality and quantity as considerably ... We have hundreds of longsighted term cooperated manufacturers supplying us several of day-after-day use products , resource advantages are rather obvious . capable to grasp the market trends , innovation and development of the updated environmental health daily.Our development in 2012 , we will invest more channels of information to show you our unexampled product , Try our best to create an over-the-top APEX of china .
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