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0.3 - 1.8m Display Distance Front And Rear Parking Sensor Kit Working With Original Car Brake System

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car auto brake rear parking sensor kit with lcd monitor and car camera working with original car brake system

Model no:PS-FZS



Why do you need this product?


1. Sometimes,New diriver forget to press the brake when parking the car,maybe incuring the possible human casaulties and property damages.

2. Accelerator is not controlled well when excuting the parking action,resulting in car parking speed is too fast to incer the accident.

3. Emergency: Such as people,bicycle moving behind the car.

4. Driver take much attention to a waring device such as parking sensor or rear view camera system,people will be unresponsive without any work for a long time.

5. Bad vision like rainning or night,drive can not see clear image in the mirror.

Product parameter
Working Voltage: 12V
Max power: <5W
Operation temperature: -40-80 degrees
Ultrasonic frequency: 40KHZ
Alarm Voice: >80db


Product Feature Instruction:


1. Easy to install,don't damage to original car brake system!
2. system gets power when the gear is on the parking position,cut power when gear exits parking position
3. Product is working with aftermarket car DVD and camera or navigation system with rearview ssytem
4. Human english voice remind and alarm with real distance alert and display
5. auto brake action in the danger area ,don't need to press the footbrake to trigger auto stop feature
6. auto brake distance 0.7M/0.9m/1.1m/1.3m can be adjusted by switch

    factory setting is 0.9m auto brake distance.car owner can adjust this dance by switch on the back of main unit.
7. auto brake function can be disabled by turn on direction light switch if you dislike it.suggest that you can enable this auto brake feature when you park at the possible dangerous area!
8. parking sensor alarm distance range:0.3-1.5m with buzzer or human voice remind
9. Recommend parking speed is less than 3km/h in case of emergency brake.
10. sensor sensitivity can be adjusted by switch,car owner can find proper sensor sensitivity to avoid

false alarm remind.


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