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Weifang Xiaoyu Commercial Equipment Co., Ltd.

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Company Contacts Ms. Nancy Liu (General Manager)

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Contacts Mobile Number 15866511131

Company Address 3-22, Runyang Building,Weifang,Shandong,China (Mainland)/ 261041


Basic Info.

Brand Name: XIAOYU  certificate: ISO9001:2000  color: blue and red  surface treatment: powder coating spray  length of the arm: 800mm  height: 3000mm  layer: 3  Model No.: XY-G003  Place of Origin: Shandong   Min.Order: 120 Set/Sets Means of Transport: Ocean

Supply Capacity

Production Capacity: 5000 sets Packing:normal packing Delivery Date: 10 working days after the 30% deposit

Cantilever Storage Rack Systems

  Cantilever Storage Warehouse Rack Systems also known as furniture racks are ideal for storing long items in continuous runs to avoid left to right vertical uprights interfering with the placing product on the shelf. Because cantilever rack systems offer no vertical obstruction it allows for maximum storage. This arm rack system is ideal for storing non uniform products such as: furniture, building materials, sheet metal, heavy duty metals, pipe, bar stock, appliances, rugs and much more. Cantilever racks are manufactured from both roll formed steel and structural steel.

Advantages of Cantilever:

No front access obstructions making loading and unloading very quick and simple.Easily adjustableto accommodate a wide variety of load heightsHandles many different lengths no front-side vertical obstructions means no restrictions on item length, and permits storing different length objects within the same rack systemCustomizable cantilever rack can be made as high as your service machinery can load and as long as your warehouse needs the rack to be.


Store your hard-to-store items with a AK designed cantilever rack system!

Cantilever Components:

Bases:Are the base of the cantilever system anchoring the rack system to the floor and providing support to the column or upright tower. The size of the base on a cantilever unit is dependent on the size of the arms and also the capacity of the rack.

Columns (Upright Towers, Verticals): Frame columns mount into the base of the cantilever providing support to the arms that connect to the column. Columns can range in height and capacity depending on the application demands.

Arms:Cantilever arms are what support the product on the rack system. There are many different styles and capacities for these arms making cantilever rack systems fairly custom for each application. Arms can vary in capacity. be straight, be inclined, and have welded end lips.

Bracing (Horizontal and Diagonal): Offer stabilization to the cantilever rack system. The widths and lengths of these braces are determined by the size of the product being stored and the application for which the system is being designed for.

General Cantilever Information:

Load Deflection is the amount of product sagging between the load arms.Arm capacity is determined for evenly distributed loads.Upright capacity is determined by multiplying the capacity of each arm times the number of arms for each upright column.Arm capacity is determined by finding the total weight of each product level needed and dividing that number by the amount of arms for that product level.Arm capacity is based on an evenly distributed loads front to back and right to left.With two upright columns the distance between the cantilever arms should be half of the product or items length giving 1/4 over hang on each side. For three upright columns the distance between the cantilever arms should be one third of the product length offering one sixth over hang of the product.Cantilever rack is available in both single and double sided units offering maximum use of warehouse space.

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