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Weifang Xiaoyu Commercial Equipment Co., Ltd.

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Brand Name : XY Material : SS400 Type : Selective Pallet Rack Feature : Corrosion Protection Use : Warehouse Rack Certification : ISO9001/RoHS Weight Capacity : 1-3Tons/layer Surface treatment : powder coating Upright : 70mm * 90mm * 2.0mm Model No . : XY-D102 Place of Origin : Shandong Min.Order : 80 Set/Sets Means of Transport : Ocean

Supply Capacity

Production Capacity : 5000 sets per month Packing : uncomplicated carton packing Delivery Date : 20 days after the 30 % payment

Pallet racking

Pallet racking is a corporeal handling storage aid system designed to store materials on pallets ( or `` skids") . Although there are many varieties of pallet racking , alltypes allow for the storage of palletized materials in horizontal rowswith multiple levels . All types of pallet racking create some tied ofincrease storage density with the least impenetrable being the least expensiveand cost increasing with storage density . Forklift trucks areusually an built-in part of any pallet rack system as they are usuallyrequired to place the ladened pallets onto the racks for storage . Palletracks are an all-important and omnipresent element in most advanced warehouses , manufacturing facilities , retail centers , and former storage anddistribution facilities.

Selective pallet racking is the most coarse pallet racking system in use today . Selective pallet racking typically come in one of two configurations : a roll formed , or clip-in configuration , and a geomorphological bolt-together configuration .

Roll formed selective rack is most normally manufactured in a"teardrop"style . The nickname `` teardrop"comes from the fact that theholes on the column of the upright are shaped like a teardrop . Palletsthen rest on the horizontal load beams that are held in place bymounting clips . Because the clips on teardrop configurations can bequickly moved , the shelves can be well adjusted to dissimilar heightsto accommodate assorted load sizes . This is commodious for a warehousethat needs to store a blanket variety of product sizes .
Structural pallet rack systems are rattling interchangeable to roll formedpallet rack systems except the horizontal load beams are attached to theuprights with bolts and have much greater weight-bearing capacity.Also , geomorphologic pallet racking can be designed into the structure ofthe building itself , so that the vertical columns are simultaneously usedto support the roof of the storage facility , in which case thestructural pallet rack uprights replace the storage building 's verticalsupport I-beams . This system is a rack supported building .

Very Narrow Aisle ( VNA ) is the use of selective pallet racking ina tighter configuration to provide maximal space utilization within astorage facility . These systems typically operate in conjunction withwire-guided or rail-guided reach-truck systems . A wire-guided systemconsists of a wire embedded in the concrete floor that provides trackingfor the reach-truck . A rail-guided system consists of angle iron boltedto the floor down the length of each row.
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