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7 Work Status Led Arrow Board Solar Panel For Sprinkling Truck , traffic light system

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7 Work Status Led Arrow Board Solar Panel For Sprinkling Truck , traffic light system




1. LED Arrow board is controlled by intelligent MCU, has transmitter and receiver two parts
2. LED Arrow board is used FullDuplex Transmissions, wireless remote control, automatically extending and retracting with actuator up and down
3. Operating Voltage is 12/24VDC
4. 7 kinds of work status: 5 flashing, 2 sequential. 
5. Brightness adjustment: 25%, 50%, 75%, 100%. 
6. If choose external power supply, when power is lower than 12V, low voltage indicator is on, and the brightness adjust to 25% automatically.




Model NBAB-15S
Control Push Button
Size 1530*760*70 or 1200*600*55 mm
Lens Diameter 100mm
Weight 34kg
Power Consumption Max 12W or Max 8W
Number of Lamps 15
Working Modes Flashing Sequential
Housing Material Steel or Aluminum
Control Cable Length Data Cable 10 meters , Power Cable 5 meters
Solar System can be choose 8W Solar Panel , 12V 14AH Battery
Battery Indicator Low Voltage only
15 Lamp Series Including solar panel 8W , Solar Battery 12V 14AH , Remote Controller




1. LED lamps with patented mirror technology 
2. Visibility up to 1 mile
3. Visual indication of arrow modes on controller 
4. Auto up/down motor function 
5. Working modes: 15 bulks-5 flashing modes, 2 sequential modes
6. View distance: >1000m




1.Can be used in a intersection traffic light system,which one is for indicating the status of a variable using the red, amber, or green of traffic lights.
2.The intersection traffic program is including LED traffic light and traffic light controller.
3.Used as warning sign on garbage truck tail, sprinkling truck, excavator, maintenance truck etc. 
4.As well as in construction site, and highway, to further improve the security between workplaces.


Remote Controller:


1. A+B function=Flashing Modes                             
2. B+C= Sequential modes 
3. C  Actuator’s rise and fall, press the key to control the board fall or rise
4. D  Brightness adjustment mode                      


Wired car controller:


1.Choose 15 lights through DIP switch on receiver
2.Mode selection key
Flashing and sequential control key
Brightness adjustment key, to switch four modes (25%,50%,75%,100%), the correspondent indicator is on
Actuators rise/fall key, press one time to rise/fall, press second time to stop, the correspondent indicator is on
3.Low voltage indicator:
When connect 12V battery, the voltage drops to 11.4V, the indicator will be on, and the arrow board lights’ brightness adjusts to 25% automatically;
When connect 24V power, the voltage drops to 22V, the indicator will be on
4.Car controller modes display area, whose mode is the same with arrow board


Competitive Advantage:


1. CE,ROHS approved.
2. OEM and ODM services.
3. Best pre-to after-sale.
4. Good quality and a agreeable price.
5. Small order is accaptable.
6. 7 years experience in led traffic lights and led arrow board designing.
7. Free maintenance during warranty period if any problems except man-made or natural factors.
8. Well -packed with K carton + EPE.
9. Delivery o time , support shipping via UPS / DHL / FedEX / EMS / Sea / Air ect.
10. Focusing on global market ,we understand your requirement better than others.
11. Video to show you how to use our arrow board if necessary.





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